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19312420200826 簡韻倢-Immunity.2020.Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection Impairs Dendritic Cell and T Cell Responses 24608-19 15:39
19279820200819 傅馨慧-Blimp-1 is essential for allergen-induced asthma and Th2 cell development in the lung 25108-12 17:39
19218220200812 古傑光-Lack of androgen receptor SUMOylation results in male infertility due to epididymal dysfunction 24808-06 10:00
19145420200805 董佳鈴-Noncanonical STAT3 activity sustains pathogenic Th17 proliferation and cytokine response 25007-29 15:02
19109320200729 劉鈺文-TH17 cells require ongoing classic IL-6 receptor signaling to retain transcriptional and functional identity 27607-22 17:23
19069620200722 邱敬絜-CD8+ regulatory T cells are critical in prevention of autoimmune-mediated diabetes 26507-15 19:43
19049920200715 何佳珞-Identification of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Epitopes Predicted to Induce Long-Term Population-Scale Immunity 28007-08 16:48
19038920200708陳恒儀-Hdac3 is an epigenetic inhibitor of the cytotoxicity program in CD8 T cells 24807-01 18:34
19036520200701許詔淵-Ketogenic Diets Alter the Gut Microbiome Resulting in Decreased Intestinal Th17 Cells 26706-24 20:32
19025320200624 古傑光-High-protein diets increase cardiovascular risk by activating macrophage mTOR to suppress mitophagy 26906-17 16:23
19007120200617 許欣國-Cxcl10+ monocytes define a pathogenic subset in the central nervous system during autoimmune neuroinflammation 28606-10 18:55
19004120200610 簡明偉-Febrile Temperature Critically Controls the Differentiation and Pathogenicity of T Helper 17 Cells 25006-03 15:49
19000520200603 蔡依紋-An intrinsic role of IL-33 in Treg cell-mediated tumor immunoevasion 26905-27 15:59
18976620200527 簡韻倢-Defining HLA-II Ligand Processing and Binding Rules with Mass Spectrometry Enhances Cancer Epitope Prediction 26205-20 17:53
18888820200520 傅馨慧-Attenuation of TCR-induced Transcription by Bach2 Controls Regulatory T Cell Differentiation and Homeostasis 29905-13 15:35
18624120200506 程泓儒-Reverse TCR repertoire evolution toward dominant low-affinity clones during chronic CMV infection 28604-30 10:38
18485120220429 董佳鈴-Disrupting Myelin-Specific Th17 Cell Gut Homing Confers Protection in an Adoptive Transfer Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis 30104-22 16:03
18360520200422 劉鈺文-Runx-mediated regulation of CCL5 via antagonizing two enhancers influences immune cell function and anti-tumor immunity 26204-15 16:08
18225320200415 蘇怡安-Meningeal γδ T cell–derived IL-17 controls synaptic plasticity and short-term memory 30004-08 10:34
18151020200408 邱敬絜-Salt Sensing by Serum/Glucocorticoid-Regulated Kinase 1 Promotes Th17-like Inflammatory Adaptation of Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells 28804-01 17:28