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Course Name 牙周病學 (1001, 1020281, 牙醫學系, 四年級)
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Instructor 傅鍔
TA 黃仁勇 ,  喻大有
Credit 2
Timetable 星期一(第五節/牙二, 第六節/牙二)   星期二(第一節/d02)
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1 Periodontium: Gingiva and PDL
2 Periodontium: alveolar bone and cementum
3 Clinical features and histopathology of periodontal disease
4 Dental plaque and calculus
5 Periodontal microbiology
6 國慶日
7 Host defense mechanisms in periodontal disease
8 Classification of periodontal disease
9 Mid-Term Exam
10 Epidemiology of periodontal disease
11 Root anatomy: related consideration with periodontal disease
12 1. Pathway of gingival inflammation/2. Bone destruction in periodontal disease
13 Periodontal examination and diagnosis
14 1. Prognosis of periodontal disease/2. Rational of periodontal therapy and treatment plan
15 Antibiotics in periodontal therapy
16 Management of medically compromised patients
17 Plaque control: chemical & mechanical
18 Final examination
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